CitySDK iOS Library
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCCategoryRepresentation of a Category object
oCDataReaderUsed as an aid to get data from a POI-based object
oCEventA simple representation of an Event. It only exists to distinguish between POI objects
oC<GeometryContent>A simple protocol to represent points, lines or polygons
oCGeoPointRepresentation of the Point class of the UML Diagram found in:
oCHypermediaIncludes the href of the hypermedia and if it is a URI template as presented in RFC6570
oCHypermediaLinkA HypermediaLink is a link in which a given client can make REST HTTP requests
oCImageContentContainer of an image. It can be either the byte-code (base64) of the image or a URI of the image
oCJsonParserParses a given JSON message
oCLineRepresentation of the Line class of the UML Diagram found in:
oCLineContentContainer of a line. A line is no more than two LocationContent
oCListEventRepresents a list of Event
oCListPointOfInterestRepresents a list of PointOfInterest
oCListRouteRepresents a list of Route
oCListTagRepresents a list of Tag
oCLocationRepresentation of the Location class of the UML diagram found in:
oCLocationContentContainer of a location
oCOperatorOperators used in UriTemplate
oCParameterIt is used to indicate what parameters should the URI have upon a HTTP request
oCParameterListA list of Parameter used for the TourismClient stub when performing HTTP requests
oCParameterTermsThe available terms for used for Parameter
oCPOIA base class for PointOfInterest, Event, Route and POIS
oCPOIBaseTypeRepresentation of the POIBaseType class of the UML diagram found in:
oCPointContentContainer of a single Point
oCPointOfInterestA simple representation of a Point of Interest. It only exists to distinguish between POI objects
oCPOISThe representation of a list of POI
oCPOITermTypeRepresentation of the POITermType class of the UML Diagram found in:
oCPOITypeRepresentation of the POIType class of the UML Diagram found in:
oCPolygonRepresentation of the Polygon class of the UML Diagram found in:
oCPolygonContentContainer of a polygon. A polygon is no more than a list of LocationContent
oCRelationshipRepresentation of the Relationship class of the UML diagram found in:
oCResourcesRepresents the resources provided by a server. It contains all the available HypermediaLink given by server alongside their API versions
oCResourceTermsTerms used for each resource
oCRouteA simple representation of a Route
oCTagRepresentation of a Tag object
oCTermsTerms used within the JSON message. These can be used to read data (with DataReader) so to get the values of given fields within a POI based class
oCTourismClientStub used for the CitySDK Tourism API. It abstracts applications from the different requests allowed in the API and returns the correct data objects from such calls
oCTourismClientFactoryFactory class allowing the creation of a TourismClient. For each link, it makes only one HTTP call, fills a TourismClient, returns it and saves it. In future creations, it verifies if it was already called and if positive returns the result without making a new HTTP call