CitySDK Tourism Client API

citysdk.tourism.client.exceptions Package for the library exceptions.
citysdk.tourism.client.parser Package for the library parsers and deserializers. Package for the library parser objects.
citysdk.tourism.client.poi Package for the POI objects.
citysdk.tourism.client.poi.base Package containing the representation of the W3C POI Group UML.
citysdk.tourism.client.poi.lists Package for the list of W3C objects.
citysdk.tourism.client.poi.single Package for the single W3C objects.
citysdk.tourism.client.requests Package for the library client stub.
citysdk.tourism.client.requests.uri Package for the URI Template Implementation.
citysdk.tourism.client.terms Package for the CitySDK Tourism Terminologies.
citysdk.tourism.client.tests Package containing a few example tests