CitySDK Tourism API supplying data to other projects

The value of the Open Data, in the Tourism sector, is deeply connected with two factors: availability and interoperability. Available data is valuable data, in particular when it can support services for people that are visiting unfamiliar places. Interoperability allows tourists to use the same services in different places without the need of searching for new service providers every time they go to a different place or city.

Citadel and CitySDK are two CIP projects that are dealing with these two factors, respectively. Citadel is developing tools to allow citizens and organizations to Open Data and create simple Apps through templates that are simple and user friendly. On the other hand, CitySDK already developed APIs that allow the interoperability of apps among the different cities involved in the project

In March, developers and project managers from Citadel and CitySDK met in a workshop, held in parallel to the Data Days 2014 in Ghent, to analyze how the results of both projects could be combined to provide tools to allow Citizens, Developers and Cities to create new digital services that are oriented to Tourism sector and based on Open Data.

This initial collaboration has lead to the creation of application templates using CitySDK Tourism data. More recently, collaboration with other projects as lead to the Lisbon Use Case, which integrates results from CitySDK, FiWare, Citadel and My Neighbourhood.

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