Demonstation Application – CitySDK Tourism

This application uses the directory service to retrieve the endpoint correponding to the search location. It works in Amsterdam, Lamia, Lisbon and Rome. When you switch from city to city, it automatically synchronizes the categories accordingly.



CitySDK Tourism CitySDK Tourism CitySDK Tourism

Android app on Google Play

Demonstation Application – MobileGuide (Old Vervion)


To install the Mobile Guide Android application simply download the apk file here or install a QR code reader (such as Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles), and scan the following code:


Then, simply install the application by pulling down the notifications bar and clicking on the downloaded .apk after it is finished.

Currently, the application supports two languages: Portuguese and English. You can test the QR Code functionality by using the examples in Mobile Guide – QR Code Examples and by setting the default endpoint to Backend in the Android application.




Android Application -


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Android Application –


Lamia App Lamia App

Third Party Applications – Showcase



Android Application –


Lisbon App Lisbon App