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The CitySDK project has released a new demonstration application for its Tourism API. This applications allows Android users to explore data provided by the parter cities for Points of Interest, Events and Touristic Itineraries. The application can currently access data from Amsterdam, Lamia, Lisbon and Rome, with Helsinki expected to follow soon.

Information can be visualized on a List or over a map of the city. A side menu allows users to narrow their searches by selecting some of the categories made available in each city. Categories may include, e.g. “Hotels” or “Restaurants”. Users can also narrow their searches by specifying a search radius or a time span (for events).

As a tourism focused app, it supports several languages. The default is the mobile device language. Should that no be available, it defaults to English. Should English not be available either, it uses the default language for that city. Language support will vary in each city.

The CitySDK Tourism App embodies one of the fundamental principal of the CitySDK project, interoperability: the ability to use the same API, transparently, across the several cities. It does it by leveraging the delegation feature of CitySDK’s Tourism API. The app uses a server which delegates requests for each city to that city’s own server. The app can thus grow to use new cities without requiring updates. Data for each city is provided by servers holding the data for that city, run independently by organization in that city.

The app is available at:

A video is available at:

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