Android App – integration with Open311

The CitySDK project has been progressing in three distinct areas: Tourism, Civic Participation and Mobility. Today we are proud to announce that the Tourism Android Demo App showcases the integration of the Tourism and Civic Participation domains.

The Civic Participation part of CitySDK has been focusing on the use of Open311 for enabling citizens to report issues they find on the streets. This empowers citizens to become part of the solution to the problems they find in their cities, by reporting these issues to the municipality services. Municipalities gain an army of “inspectors” on the streets and citizens can monitor the effective resolution of their problems.

We are now using Open311 on the Android Tourism App to report issues with the tourism data in Lamia, Lisbon and Rome, such as a missing picture or a wrong translation. Citizens and tourist can now contributing to better touristic data and municipalities and other data providers gain from crowd sourced quality control.

A video demonstrating this functionality is available here:

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